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8 Piece Grooming Kit with Bag

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An essential kit to keep your horse looking great.


Contains all grooming essentials including...


Sweat scraper for use after excercise to wipe away excess moisture. Also useful during spring months when moulting occurs.


Hoof pick to clean the horse's hooves, an everyday essential for your horse's health and wellbeing.


Mane and tail brush to, as the name suggests, maintain your horse's mane and tail. A key component to your horse's grooming routine.


A comb to use as part of your horse's daily grooming routine.


Massage brush to allow your horse to feel utterly clean and relaxed. The thick rubber stubs are used in a circular motion to remove stubborn dirt and mud. Also great for removing winter coats during spring moulting.


Fine curry comb to remove dirt deep down in your horse's coat.


Face and body brushes to bring out the natural shine in your horse's coat.


A handy carry bag to house all your grooming essentials.

  • Sweat scraper
  • Hoof pick
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Combe
  • Massage brush
  • Fine curry comb
  • Face and body brush
  • Carry bag

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